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Alone, our reach is limited.
Together, we transform more lives.


We’re ever so excited to team up with you to help people get into action with end-of-life planning while they reflect, discern, and live authentic and meaningful lives. 

Like you, Willow is on a mission to help people make the most of their precious and finite lives. We created Willow tools and products to support people with their living and their dying.  

In three easy steps, you can offer Willow products directly to those you serve and make a commission doing so!  

  1. Become a Willow EOL Educator™ and join the Willow Affiliate Program. 
  2. Share your unique referral links with anyone and everyone.
  3. Receive your monthly commission of 50% of retail sales and 21% of the sale of the Willow EOL Educator™ Program using your unique referral links. 

Then, prosper, play and know that we’re working together to transform lives and the conversation around all things end-of-life.

I have read and understand the Affiliate Agreement.

I have read and understand the Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Benefit Breakdown

7 Tools for Making Sense of Life and Death Workbook


Retail price (USD): $17.00 (digital), $21.00 (print)

Affiliate commission (USD): 50%

You get $8.50 (digital), $10.50 (print)

5 Steps for Succesful End-Of-Life Planning Conversations


Retail price (USD): $12.00        

Affiliate commission (USD): 50%

You get: $6.00

Willow EOL Educators™ Program


Retail price (USD): $1,900.00  

Affiliate commission (USD): 21%

You get: $400

Become an Affiliate:

  • Help your people access 7 Tools so that they can transform end-of-life planning into an opportunity for connection and ease.  
  • Augment your offerings. 
  • Generate income. 
  • Bring more love and light to our world.

I have read and understand the Affiliate Agreement.

We’re ever so excited to team up with you to help more people pause, reflect, discern, and dive deep in support of living authentic and meaningful lives.

Frequently Asked Questions


In the spirit of ease and clarity, here are some frequently-asked questions about the Willow Affiliate Program.

Do I need an online business or big mailing list to become an affiliate?

No! All you need is to be a Willow EOL Educator™ and a way to share your unique referral link. Whether you plan to share your link with your closest pals, your cousin or your growing online community, we want you on board. Together—one person at a time—we’re going to transform the often fragmented and painful process of end-of-life planning into and opportunity for connection and ease. Sharing your link can be as simple as pasting into a regular email, text or direct message or sharing it through Facebook or Instagram. 

Do I need an online store or e-commerce to make sales? 

No! We’ve got you covered. All sales transactions happen on the Willow website. All you need to do is share your unique referral code link with people and encourage them to light up their life with one of the products. See the chart above for commission details.  

How will Willow help me sell the 7 Tools workbook and online program? 

  • Once you join our Affiliate Program, you’ll get access to:
  • Your easy-to-navigate personal affiliate page including: 
    • Your affiliate code
    • Financial records including sales data and payment history
    • Short-cuts to social media posting and 
    • “Creative” materials to market and promote the products. For example: 
      • Product and Willow EOL brand photos and banner ads  
      • Sample social media banner ads with images and copy 
      • Sample email, text and direct messaging copy
  • Permission to promote on your website Willow’s free-tool downloads 
  • A monthly real-time group support call to cheer you on and answer any of your questions 
  • Email support from Team Willow to help you at any step along the way  

Do I need to apply to become an Affiliate?

No! You do not need to apply to become a Willow EOL Affiliate. We believe in your ability to discern if this is a fit for you. Unlike other affiliate programs that have application criteria and screening process, this is a grassroots initiative meant to empower anyone and everyone who feels this is a good fit. The only criteria is that you agree with the terms and conditions and are a Willow EOL Educator™.

How do I get paid my commission? 

Commission of 50% of the retail sale of any product sold with your unique referral link will be paid out to Affiliates by Willow via Paypal once every month, on or before the 10th of the month.

What about taxes? 

Any product being supplied to a customer with a Canadian address will be charged 5% gst or equivalent of harmonized sales tax. 

If you are a GST-registered company in Canada, we’ll add GST on to any commission you earn. In other words, when you provide people with your link and a sale is generated, you are acting as a sales agent. We need to pay you for providing this service and if you’re a GST registrant, then you need to charge us 5% for your services. Here’s an example: Karen is a GST registrant with Revenue Canada and last month there’s a record of $1,000 worth of sales from her unique affiliate link. Willow will pay Karen $500 commission plus 5% gst on the $500 for a total of $525.00.

There is no tax charged for items sold to customers with addresses outside of Canada. 

Who pays for shipping and handling the print workbooks? 

Shipping and handling costs are calculated automatically when the purchase is made. The buyer pays for it, and Willow takes care of the shipping and handling. The Affiliate does not get any commission on the shipping and handling charges. 

Can I sell the 7 Tools workbook in bulk or large volume? 

We’re still figuring this out! Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make plans to chat about your interests.

Can I be an Affiliate if I haven’t read the 7 Tools workbook yet? 

Yes! What’s most important to us is that you believe in the power of self-reflection and personal-discovery and that you want to share this message. Ideally, you’re on the Willow EOL mailing list so you understand our belief that your mortality is an opportunity in disguise. We think you’ll be best able to convey your passion for the 7 Tools products if you have completed the workbook yourself so we encourage you to do that as your able. 

Are you making more products to sell?

Yes, and we’re so glad you asked! 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death is our first collection of products available for affiliates to sell. We have big product-development plans for Departure Directions and Legacy, Love Letters & Heart Wills, our two other areas of personal discovery and planning. You’ll be the first to know when something new is available.

Are there any restrictions about what I can sell?

Yes and thank you for asking. Affiliates may not purchase products through their link for personal use and receive a commission on that sale. Affiliates also may not purchase products through another person’s affiliate link. For more information please read the terms and conditions.

Remember, alone, our reach is limited.
Together, we transform more lives. 


In three easy steps, you can make the 7 Tools collection directly available from you to those you serve!  

– 1 –

Become a Willow EOL Educator™ and join the Willow Affiliate Program

– 2 –

Share your unique referral links with anyone and everyone.  

– 3 –

Receive your monthly commission of 50% of retail sales and 21% of the sale of the Willow EOL Educator™ Program using your unique referral links.

I have read and understand the Affiliate Agreement.