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End of Life Planning Training Resource: 5 Steps for Successful End-of-Life Planning Conversations

Have you ever started to talk about some aspect of end-of-life planning with someone and got shut down? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to talk about end-of-life planning but you’re lost about how to even broach the topic. You have ideas in your mind about how your people are going to react, and it’s just too uncomfortable to go there. 

When Should End of Life Conversations Occur?

Many of us understand the importance of preparing for your someday, one-day, inevitable death while you’re still healthy enough to do that.  But talking about death in a death-phobic and death-denying culture can be a challenge. Whether you’re thinking about your own end-of-life planning or you want to facilitate plans for someone else, it really helps to talk about it first!

An End of Life Conversation Guide

For guidance on how to have successful EOL planning conversations, use this 8-page, fillable end-of-life-planning training resource to set your intention, identify your concerns, create context and explain the importance of your conversation, and finally, reflect.

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