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The Death Planning Workbook You Need: 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death (Digital Workbook)

The End of Life Planning Workbook You Need

Wake up before your time’s up! This 52-page, print or fillable digital death-planning workbook helps you base all your planning on your values and priorities and lays the groundwork for you to be as prepared as possible for your someday, one-day inevitable death. Whether you have days or decades to live, exploring the reality of your mortality will deliver peace of mind, clarity of intention and inspire you to live your best life now. 

Topics Covered In Willow’s Death Planning Workbook

  1. When and how to plan
  2. End-of-life planning priorities
  3. Your core values and how they impact your living and your dying
  4. Hopes and fears around your inevitable death
  5. Learning from the past, who and what matter most
  6. Health and personal-care priorities
  7. Final wishes and how to move forward

With the fillable ebook format, you can draft, revise, save, and print your responses as you explore the reality of your mortality. 

Note: This is a digital workbook. The workbook can be saved locally and filled in. Click here to purchase a physical copy of the workbook.

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7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death is a valuable, pragmatic and concrete tool to sustain my commitment to live my life with meaning and intention. The workbook is the perfect companion for self exploration or can be used as a starting point for heart-to-heart conversations with the people close to you. The workbook does not dictate what to think or do. Rather, through their reflective and thought-provoking questions, Michelle and Reena draw out our authentic and vulnerable selves and it left me more motivated to take the next step.

Iris Paradela

This workbook is a wonderful resource! We live in a culture in denial of death. Here are accessible and insightful tools that help us to turn facing the truth of our mortality into a profound opportunity for connecting with what gives our lives meaning and joy.

Beverly Spring

Even after twenty plus years working passionately in my profession as a deathcare worker, my heartfelt connection with your work is an eye opener for me. I read everything first with my professional eyes but soon realized just how powerful this information is for the reality of my mortality. The 7 Tools workbook is an incredible pre-planning tool that will bring a sense of peace and enlightenment.

Lorraine Fracy