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Are you looking for heart-centered material and tools to use in your practice?

As a Willow EOL Educator® you can use Willow’s expanding end-of-life education and planning tools and products, including detailed scripts for more than 10 different virtual or in-person workshops, advance-care-planning and coaching tools.

You’ll also receive marketing support, and professional and business development to build or augment your heart-centered practice.

Join the global network of heart-centered, end-of-life educators.

Harness this pivotal time in humanity by joining our vibrant community of Willow EOL Educators®.

  • Be the catalyst that helps people wake up before their time’s up.
  • Transform the conversation around death and dying into a rich opportunity for personal growth and community connection.
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The world needs your passion right now - Become a Willow EOL Educator®

In less than two weeks, you can become a licensed Willow EOL Educator®, lead Willow Workshops® and begin using Willow materials in your practice.


Master the power of Willow’s educational approach.

Take part in 10 virtual or in-person Willow Workshops® led by Reena Lazar or experienced Willow EOL Educators®.

Benefit from on-line learning & development opportunities to help you thrive in your practice.

Engage with the growing network of Willow EOL Educators®.


Lead your own Willow Workshops® or integrate Willow’s exercises, products, and tools into your workshops, events or practice.

Use Willow’s pragmatic and heart-centered approach to make a powerful impact on the people you reach.

Help others discover who and what matter most now and in preparation for their inevitable death, dying & after-death care.

earn & grow

Generate income and grow your practice with Willow’s tried & tested workshops, products, and tools.

Benefit from Willow’s business development and marketing know-how.

Expand your reach with promotion on Willow’s website & marketing channels.

Earn a 50% commission on affiliate sales of all eligible Willow products.

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Willow has three heart-centered, end-of-life education and planning learning areas.

Each area includes content for virtual Willow Workshops® and a variety of products and tools to use in your practice. This inquiry-based approach facilitates pragmatic end-of-life planning along with deep self reflection and meaningful personal discovery.

As a Willow EOL Educator®, you get ongoing training and support to lead Willow Workshops® and apply the products and tools to your practice.

Each Willow Workshop® includes a detailed script with step-by-step instructions for 1.5-2 hours of activities, a supply list, opening and closing rituals, and technical instructions. All materials can be used inside their respective learning areas and you can mix and match for unlimited combinations of workshop series.

Making Sense of Life & Death

Making sense of life and death is the foundation or container for all pragmatic end-of-life planning. This learning area helps people explore the reality of their mortality, refine end-of-life planning priorities, name core values and articulate hopes and fears for their inevitable death, dying and after-death care.


  • How to Stop Procrastinating with End-of-Life Planning
  • Values, Wishes and Who and What Matter Most
  • Conscious Health, Personal Care, and Final Wishes


  • Reality of Our Mortality Planning Checklist
  • How to Stop Procrastinating with End-of-Life Planning
  • 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death: A workbook to explore the reality of your mortality (print and fillable ebook versions)
  • 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death: Online Program


Legacy, Love Letters & Heart Wills®

In this learning area people reflect on their lives, consider their legacy and write lasting messages to those they love and future generations. In doing so, they transform relationships, create meaningful keepsakes, and produce a manifesto for living. 


  • The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter®
  • Writing Your Heart Will® as Manifesto For Living
  • How to Create and Live Your Legacy
  • Remembering and Being Remembered


  • The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter®
  • How to Write Your Heart Will®

Departure Directions®

Departure Directions is Willow’s term for written guidelines—determined by one’s values, beliefs and priorities—for how they wish to be cared for and remembered after they die. This learning area explores five key factors that shape people’s choices when considering their final wishes.


  • 9 Things to Include in Your Departure Directions®
  • Greening Your Death and Aligning Your Values
  • 5 Steps for Successful End-of-Life Planning Conversations


  • 9 Things to Include in Your Departure Directions®
  • 5 Steps for Successful End-of-Life Planning Conversations
  • A Brief on Grief and Mourning


Learn how easy it is to lead a Willow End of Life Workshop

Watch a short video where Reena walks you through the detailed Willow Workshop® content and scripts.

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What’s included…


When you join the Program and become a Willow EOL Educator®, you receive everything you need to start facilitating this work: detailed workshop scripts, tools, resources, and so much more.

Learning & Development

Learn from the Willow team or experienced Willow EOL Educators® by attending as many of the ten different Willow Workshops® as you want. This will enable you to deepen your practice, connect with other Willow EOL Educators®, and feel the power and beauty of what you can offer your community. Choose from a variety of Zoom-based or in-person workshops.

Willow EOL Educators® have 24/7 access to a robust expanding course and Knowledge Base that includes:
  • Detailed scripts of both in-person and Zoom-based Willow Workshops®
  • Banners and templates to promote your workshops
  • Willow tools and products to use in your practice
  • Lessons on ways to make money as a Willow EOL Educator and how to market yourself.
  • Lessons on how to lead Willow Workshops® both in person and on Zoom
  • Lessons on how to use Willow materials with individuals and families

This Program includes monthly Zoom-based office hours where we go over a variety of business-development topics and/or address your specific needs to reach your goals.  Office Hours are dedicated to reviewing and discussing the information available in the Willow EOL Educator® Knowledge Base and answering any questions you have.

Willow EOL Educators® have the option to have a monthly check-in call where someone from the Willow team will help you move forward on your goals and objectives, and our collective effort to change people's relationship to death dying.

Willow EOL Educators® will have the opportunity to connect and learn from each other. You can use the Willow EOL Educator® Directory on Pick My Brain to meet with other Willow EOL Educators® to explore collaboration, cross-marketing and even mentorship.

Marketing & Promotion


All Willow EOL Educators® are invited to be listed on Willow's page on Pick My Brain. Whether you opt for a free listing or a discounted membership, being on the page will enable the Willow team to promote you far and wide. Your individual profile includes extensive information about you and a simple way for people to book you for a free consultation or a paid service or workshop. You can build social proof with ratings and testimonials.

As a Willow EOL Educator® your Willow Workshops® can be listed on the Willow Events page, maintained and promoted by Willow.

We’ll use our newsletter and social media channels to help you fill up your events and build global awareness of your brand. We’ll feature Willow EOL Educators® and shout out about your offerings on a regular basis.

Marketing & Promotion

There's more...

Willow EOL Educators® make 21% commission (currently $400 USD) for every person they successfully refer to the Willow EOL Educator® program.

Also for every eligible Willow product sale you make through your affiliate link in the Willow Shop, you’ll receive a 50% commission.

As a Willow EOL Educator® you can take advantage of a 50% discount on bulk purchases of the print version of Willow’s 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death: a workbook to explore the reality of your mortality. You can give away the workbooks as part of your service, or resell them to clients.

How the Program Works


As a purchaser of the Willow EOL Educator® Program you can participate for free in any Willow Workshops®, listed on the Willow Events Page—for your personal and professional development.

You can call yourself a Willow EOL Educator® and begin leading your own Willow Workshops® and using Willow products and tools in your practice as soon as you complete the Licensing Requirements.


  • Participate in one Orientation and Overview session, and
  • Attend a minimum of two Willow Workshops®

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We'll start your one-year term on the date you attend your first workshop. NOT the date you register for the Willow EOL Educator® Program.

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What people are saying….

Glowing reviews indicate that Willow Workshops®, products and tools will support your community members to feel enriched and energized to complete meaningful end-of-life planning. Learning with Reena and Michelle will nourish and empower you to do the same for others.

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Join the Willow EOL Educator Program® and belong to a community dedicated to changing how people live and die in all corners of our world.


If you’re devoted to using your time and energy to do meaningful, life-and-death-changing work, Willow’s EOL Educator Program® will enrich your practice, expand your reach and enhance the transformative and practical impact for everyone you support.

The Payment plan you choose provides you with your license to be a Willow EOL Educator® for a one-year term, with the option to renew. Renewal fees will apply.

Register TODAY and get extra time!
Your 1-year-term begins the date you attend your first workshop, not the day you register.

Frequently asked questions...

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Listen to what a few Willow EOL Educators® have to say about the program.

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Your Facilitators and Coaches.

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