Willow’s End of Life Planning Checklist

Reality of Our Mortality® Planning Checklist

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Willow’s Reality of Our Mortality Planning Checklist helps you explore pragmatic end-of-life planning as a heart-centered and holistic practice. 

The Only End of Life Planning Checklist You Need

The topics on this end-of-life planning checklist move beyond the purely pragmatic to include self-reflection and relationships. This end-of-life planning checklist is mindful of the interconnected nature of life and death. 

An End of Life Planning Worksheet That Includes 3 Core Sections to Consider

Organized into the three categories of Foundation, Making Choices and Clearing the Way, there are nine topic to consider: 


Making Sense of Life + Death, Grieving + Healing, Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills®


Departure Directions®, Health, Personal Care Wishes + Decision Making, Financial + Legal Authority


Organizing + Recording, Unfinished Business, and Courageous Conversations.

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A workbook to explore the reality of your mortality. This 52-page, print or fillable digital workbook  will help you base your planning on your values and priorities and lay the groundwork for you to be as prepared as possible for the inevitable. It pulls together our most effective self-reflection exercises from our workshops and coaching. Whether you have days or decades left to live, thinking about and preparing for your someday, one-day death will inspire you to live your best life now.


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