Your Guide to Writing an End of Life Letter

5-Minute Legacy Love Letter®

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5-Minute Legacy Love Letter®

With six meaningful prompts, this free end-of-life letter writing tool helps you draft lasting messages to important people in your life. Intended for a specific person or group of people, a Legacy Love Letter® can be in the form of a handwritten or printed letter, a card, an email message, or even an audio or video recording. Legacy Love Letters® make for beautiful gifts—for both the writer and recipient—at any time.

An End of Life Letter Template Free for You

Because a sudden death is always a possibility, writing a Legacy Love Letter® will create peace of mind that nothing is left unsaid. Writing a Legacy Love Letter® can positively transform your relationship with the intended recipient even if it’s never read by anyone but you. Write your Legacy Love Letter® as if it were the last communication your person will ever receive from you. Thinking of your end-of-life letter in this way will support you to share what matters most and shift something inside you 


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