The Tool for Writing Your End of Life Plan & Directions

9 Things to Include in Your Departure Directions®

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The Importance of End of Life Planning

Your sense of how you wish to be cared for after you die is influenced by many factors including: social and community impact, relationship to your body/corpse, cultural, spiritual and community traditions, ecological impact and cost and practical considerations. 

Writing your Departure Directions® is an exercise that will benefit you today and going forward because “All that matters in the end, matters now.” Departure Directions® is Willow’s term for your written guidelines and end-of-life care plan—determined by your values, beliefs and priorities—for how you wish to be cared for and remembered after you die. 

A Free End Of Life Plan Resource

This free tool provides a template from which you can build your Departure Directions®. The nine headings will ensure that you consider all aspects of your after-death care, including sharing the news of your death, roles for your loved ones to make it meaningful for them, expenses and logistics and more.

Completing your Departure Directions® will give you peace of mind knowing your final wishes will reflect who you are and what matters most to you while alleviating stress, chaos and worry for the people you leave behind.

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