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How to Write Your Heart Will™

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Your Go-To Ethical Will Template

How to Write Your Heart Will™ is a tool to help you reflect on your life and create lasting messages for those you love and future generations. Using the 22 prompts in this free ethical will outline guide, writing your Heart Will™ can be a powerful, personal-discovery process. 

Writing your Heart Will™ helps you clarify who and what matter most, and can serve as your manifesto for living.

Heart  Will™ versus Ethical Will 

A Heart Will™ is also sometimes referred to as an Ethical Will, Spiritual/Spirit Will or Legacy Letter. At Willow we make the distinction between a document intended for a specific audience and a broad audience. Different from a Legacy Love letter™, your Heart Will™ is intended for a broad audience. It can be handed out or read at your good-bye ritual such as a funeral or celebration or left for those closest to you after you die.

Heart Will (Ethical Will) Questions to Guide You

With 22 questions divided into six themes, there are endless topics you might choose to address and share. These include your wisdom, wishes, values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, ideals, life lessons, regrets, family history and stories about your journey.

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