The Willow EOL Educator® Program

The Willow EOL Educator® Program gives you access to Willow’s expanding end-of-life education and planning tools and products, including detailed scripts for at least 10 virtual workshops, advance care planning and coaching tools, as well as marketing support, and professional and business development.

Licensed Willow EOL Educators® receive ongoing training and support to lead Willow Workshops® and use Willow tools, products and curriculums in your practice, as you see fit. This enquiry-based approach facilitates pragmatic end-of-life planning along with deep self reflection and meaningful personal discovery.

Willow’s tools and products are for personal use only with the exception of Licensed Willow EOL Educators®. Copyright 2021 by Reena Lazar and Michelle Pante doing business as (dba) Willow End of Life Education and Planning. All trademarks belong to Reena Lazar and Michelle Pante, dba Willow End of Life Education and Planning.

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