Legacy Love Letters & Heart Wills

Discover who and what matter to you and make the most of your precious and finite life.

Death. We are all going to experience it, whether it’s a sudden and unexpected death, or the eventually anticipated variety. It’s that one thing that we’re all sure about. It’s going to happen to you, and it probably already happened to someone you love. Yet most of us are unprepared.

Many of us die with regret, fear, or anxiety because of what we didn’t do, or didn’t say to people left behind. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine being at peace—within yourself, with your family, with your friends and within your community—knowing that you’ve expressed and recorded your most important life learnings and written letters to those you love.

Wake up before your time’s up!

No matter what kind of life you live, how much money you have, or what you think of your accomplishments, consider that you have a legacy. Legacy, in our view, is the individual and collective impact we have on our world and all that’s in it.

Imagine knowing you’ve done all you can to leave the legacy you want.

Writing Legacy Love Letters and a Heart Will is one way your legacy will live on, but that’s not all. Consider that the discoveries you make about yourself and your life through this exploration may lead you to leave your greatest legacy. You’ll be inspired to make shifts in the way you live and how you’re remembered.

Get into action and prepare your Legacy Love Letters and your Heart Will.

FREE 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter®


With six meaningful prompts, this free tool helps you write a lasting message to important people in your life. Intended for a specific person or group of people, an Legacy Love Letter can be in the form of a handwritten or printed letter, a card, an email message, or even an audio or video recording. Legacy Love Letters make for beautiful gifts—for both the writer and recipient—at any time.

Write your love letter as if it were the last communication this person will ever receive from you. Thinking of your letter in this way will support you to share what matters most. We promise that writing your letter will shift something inside you.

Download here

FREE How to Write Your Heart Will®


This FREE guide helps you reflect on your life and create a lasting messags for those you love. Writing your Heart Will is also a powerful discovery process to support you to live and love fully now.

What we’re calling a Heart Will is also referred to as an Ethical Will, Spiritual/Spirit Will or Legacy Letter. With 22 questions, divided into 6 themes there are endless topics you might choose to address and share. These include your wisdom, wishes, values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, ideals, life lessons, regrets, family history and stories about your journey.

Download here

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