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Best Life Best Death Podcast

Podcast #126 Why Have a Conversation about Mortality? (and how the heck do we even begin??) 

Reena talk about how the finiteness of life is profoundly motivating; how thinking about the end and working backwards makes a difference in how we live; the impact of a quick love letter exercise; and how conversations are key. 

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End-of-Life University

This is their 300th podcast, and Willow’s 3rd interview with End-0f-Life University.

This episode includes:

  • How COVID accelerated the development of the EOL Educators Program
  • Why EOL education is so important right now
  • What inspired Michelle and Reena to create this program
  • Who can benefit from becoming a Willow EOL Educator
  • What the program includes
  • How participants can tailor their own workshops using Willow’s materials
  • How this program augments other training programs and does not compete or preclude any other system
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The World’s Video Wiki

Willow has been included in a video wiki “Organizations Helping People With End-Of-Life Planning & Care. The video highlights Willow’s numerous offerings including our resources, workshops, and guides focused on helping people find peace and renewed purpose while preparing for death.

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End of Life University

Karen invited us back to her podcast for episode 213 to discuss why people should think in advance about the legacy they will leave behind, how to create a meaningful legacy for your loved ones, what steps baby boomers need to take now to be better prepared for the end of life, 9 things to include in an end-of-life plan, and more.

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Richer Health Podcast

We were interviewed for the podcast, “Eat Real to Heal” on episode 17 entitled “From Labia to Living to Dying: We explore the reality of your mortality with WILLOW End of Life (EOL) experts, Reena and Michelle.”

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Vancouver Sun

Willow is delighted to be keeping such fine company. “From DIY funeral services to death doulas, B.C. is on the leading edge of a trend that wants to make death a part of life, and a better experience for everyone. Meet the women leading the trend.”

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End-of-Life University

Reena and Michelle were interviewed about WILLOW’s Mexico Retreat by EOL University’s Dr. Karen Wyatt, Hospice Physician, Award-Winning Author and Educator.
Recording is 69min and begins at 7min.

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Deep Roots, Cortes Community Radio

Michelle + Reena join Mercedes Grant for a conversation on death and how we can overcome our fears surrounding the subject (29 mins. Michelle + Reena are first heard at 11:15 min).

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Vancouver Courier

Michelle + Reena speak to the Vancouver Courier about how end of life planning can lead to a focus on living with purpose.

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