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2 Ways to Learn About Willow & Heart-Centered EOL Planning

making sense of life & death Sep 07, 2021

Why do we do this work and what’s in it for you?

Before we created Willow, we each spent decades immersed in personal and community development work. We’ve been friends for over 20 years and we’d often meet to talk about creative ways to affect positive, transformative change between, among and for people, communities and the planet. 

How did death become the bedrock of the company we co-founded in 2015?

While Michelle was on a path to becoming a funeral director, Reena was looking for her next venture after winding down an international peace-building program. After more than a year of discernment and reflection, in our hearts and our minds we landed on these two pillars for moving forward: change only happens on a foundation of love and fulfilment, and consciously contemplating and preparing for our some-day, one-day, inevitable death is the most powerful portal for living and loving fully now.

We harnessed our collective wisdom and experience in change making, did some training in community deathcaring and business development and created our first set of workshops to offer to the public. And then the learning really began!

Your mortality is an opportunity in disguise!

We were delighted by what we encountered. People told us their were enriched, energized and connected by delving deeply into their own mortality. We created and delivered more and more workshops, and designed products and tools to help folks like you make sense of life and death while doing some pragmatic planning. 

And then the word spread…

Thousands of you have accessed our free tools, publications and online program, and we hope they’re serving you and yours to get clarity about who and what matter most now and for any and all pragmatic end-of-life planning you’re involved with. Forty of you became Willow EOL Educators™ and are using Willow’s heart-centered approach in your practices. 

It makes our hearts sing to see this wonderful list of seekers and end-of-life contemplators growing by leaps and bounds. We now have community members living and loving in all corners of the globe. 

Let’s get to know each other better.

We would love to meet you all! Whether you are brand new to Willow or you’ve been learning and growing with us for a while, please consider joining us for an info session or contacting us.  

We can’t wait to see you!

With all our love,

Reena + Michelle