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All that Matters in the End, Matters Now Part 2 + FREE Online Events

making sense of life & death Feb 09, 2021

Whether you have days or decades to live— and who’s to know?—I promise that if you take time to consider what matters to you about the end of your life, you’ll get clarity about who and what matter to you now.

Your hopes and fears about your dying days, reflect the desires and concerns that consume you now. 

Here’s how this works. The hopes and fears that preoccupy you about your dying days, be it the lead up, the moment of death or what happens after you die, typically reflect the desires and concerns that consume you now. When you articulate your worries and identify your longings, this clarity can propel you into action and inspire you to a new way of being.

Let me expand on this with one very personal example. 

My awareness of the possibility of an unexpected death is heightened because, as you might recall from a previous blog post, there was a recent, sudden death in my immediate family. When I ponder, right here and now, my fears about my inevitable death, I see that I’m afraid that if I were to die tomorrow my husband might not really know how much I adore and cherish him. 

Ouch. That makes me cry. Naming this fear empowers me to act. This realization moves me to express love and find ways of being that will cut through the noise of a very busy life with lots of responsibilities. 

At one of our recent free events on our 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death Online Program, we heard from a woman who said that the program helped recognize that her fear of dying alone was centered around her discontent of living alone. The 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death Online Program inspired her to create a life grounded in a vibrant community of love and care. 

If you wanted to attend a free event but missed them, we just scheduled four more!

Knowing what matters in the end can be your pathway to peace, joy, and love.

Willow EOL’s 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death Self-study Online Program (ON SALE NOW 35% OFF until the end of February). 

All our love,

Michelle (+ Reena)

What about you? 

How does what you want in the end, inform your choices here and now?