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making sense of life & death Feb 21, 2019

Lately I’ve been listening to video recordings from a conference that happened last year with Ram Dass and Friends, called No Death, No Fear. In a video called “The Soul Complex” and in previous talks and writing, Ram Dass explains that as we reduce our fear and denial of death, we begin to appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. He has said that the best way to die or be with the dying is to identify with the soul and not the ego. The minute we identify ourselves as our soul, we see other people as souls. And since souls are loving, we love everyone. That in essence is nirvana, or bliss.

The world is calling for deep remembering of who we truly are at our core.

Michelle and I sometimes describe our work at Willow, as “soulful” end-of-life planning. We call it that because our work helps people (including us) wake up before our time’s up and live fully according to who and what matter most. As we prepare for and come to peace with the inevitability of death, we embrace life and all that’s possible for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Tap into our souls to repair the world.

When my friend, Tal Shai, invited us to to be part of a free world-wide mentoring circle she’s calling the Global Soul Movement, we embraced the opportunity. Tal’s goal is to collaboratively explore leading-edge systems, paradigms and ways of being that are greatly needed to navigate these complex, emergent times.

To this end, she’s interviewed leading experts and luminaries on such topics as empathy, loneliness, family constellations, human design, shamanism, peace activism, and heartmath.

We were honoured to dive deep with Tal and talk about our approach to using death as a tool for living and loving fully. It was a moving experience for us to connect our efforts and intentions to something so much bigger than Willow.

What about you?

What do the words “global soul movement” mean to you?