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Later is a Lie

making sense of life & death Nov 19, 2018

The heart of Willow’s work is inquiries around death and dying. We often begin with the simple question, “What are your fears around your death and dying?” The answers are as diverse as they are universal.

While I’ve written and said aloud a variety of answers on many occasions, my common response is that I won’t have lived my life to its fullest. As a result, I’m afraid that I won’t be “ready” to die when the time comes.

My fear of death these days, is linked to anxiety around time. There are days when time feels so scarce and I just want to squeeze as much as I can out of each minute. The fear of missing out (FOMO) gets the best of me.

While “jog-walking” on the beautiful seawall near my home, I heard these lyrics serenading through my earbuds as if my singer/ songwriter friend, Sue Turnercould read my mind. “Who’s that woman so brave, who is that woman so scared? That woman spinning her wheels to nowhere?”

In spite of the beautiful sunshine that morning, my goals and desires in life were obscured by thick grey clouds. Some personal struggles had caused me to lose connection with myself and what matters.

Later is lie, I’m not telling anymore.

Fortunately Sue continued to sing these words of wisdom: “Life, it comes to you in pieces, when you don’t know what your truth is. You will know what peace is, when you come to life whole.” Oh, right! Truth and wholeness! I can do that… but how?

Sue came through: “Later is a lie, I’m not telling anymore. I know who I am, what my life is for. Don’t wait for life and love to work out because life goes on, and nobody knows.”

What about you?

What do you fear most when you think about your death and dying?

What do you do to feel whole again when you’ve lost your focus?