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“The Best Online Course I’ve Taken”

Apr 08, 2020

“I just finished your 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life and Death online program. I’ve moved from overwhelmed and not knowing where to start with my EoL planning to feeling totally organized, empowered and supported going forward. Your lessons were clear and well organized. And I was amazed how emotionally deep I went following your guidance. It’s the best online course I’ve taken. Thank you.”

—Jennie Sparkes, Compassionate End-of-Life Care Advocate 

“Full of powerful questions, this beautiful inquiry brought me deeper into my heart––which is where I want to live from … more in the present, and creating my future with sacred intention.“

—Danielle LaPorte, Creator, The Desire Map Program

“Reena and Michelle are pioneers. A magic combination of pragmatic and purposeful, Willow’s personal-discovery and planning tools will fire you up to get into action with your end-of-life planning and to live your best life.”

—Dr. Karen M. Wyatt, Author, 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying

“This program calls us to re-engage with how we are living our lives, and take action to make changes so that we live a life that is meaningful and vibrant.

—Karen Hendrickson, Life Coach, End of Life Doula & Licensed Willow EOL Facilitator

“In these tumultuous times, it is more important than ever that we acknowledge the reality of our mortality, as well as embrace our shared humanity. Willow’s timely online program encourages us to focus on both.”

—Ruth MacKay & Sarah Farr, Co-Founders, Wishstone, Compassionate Partners in End of Life Planning and Care

“You will grow in ways you never expected and your lives will be enriched.”

—Alison Moore, Celebrant/End of Life Doula & Claudette Bouchard, End of Life Doula/Educator

“This program gave me insight to ways I can take some control and action. This includes letting my daughters know my wishes in the event of my death, finishing plans I’ve started, and putting my mind at ease. I feel less stress and more clarity in my life pursuits.”

—Andrea Zintz, Ph.D., President, Strategic Leadership Resources, Co-Author of Grit, Grace and Gravitas: The 3 Keys to Transforming Leadership, Presence, and Impact

“The questions, information, and tools in this program make the process of facing our death slightly less daunting – almost as though there is someone holding your hand as you reflect and write.”

—Christine Shepherd, Reflexologist

“Once I did the deep dive things became clearer and more positive. It felt like a weight had lifted in a way I can’t really explain.”

—Jo-Anne Haun, End of Life Alternatives, End of Life Doula, Educator and Speaker, Licensed Willow EOL Facilitator

“As a young man, my mortality is the last thing on my mind. Going through the program enabled me to think deeper into my own self while allowing me to grow as a man and appreciate my life for the value it holds, in this life and the next.”

—Kyle Warkentin, BSc Candidate 2020

“Imagining our mortality is daunting; preparing for that eventuality even more so. The 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death online program offers both a pragmatic and a uniquely personal approach for your end of life planning.”

—Maggie Campbell, Avid Reader & Life-Long Learner

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