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Tools to Connect (Inward & Outward) in Any Season

Jan 31, 2020

Consciously or unconsciously, we live our lives according to particular values. Knowing your core values is one thing, living them or embodying them is another. As I move through this dance called life, I’m coming to understand and accept that how we express our core values can evolve.  

Your values reflect who and what matter most. 

Connection has long been one of my core values. In fact, much of my work over the years depended on my capacity to connect the dots between social change issues and organizations. I prided myself on being a bridge builder who facilitated introductions and made links between ideas, people, places and projects, intent on making our world a better place. 

Making connections was a thrill—and in retrospect, perhaps a compulsion. I had a lot of ego wrapped up in my ability to connect.   

Connection is the thread of life. 

In more recent times, my search for connection is focused inward. I yearn to connect with and be my most authentic self. And woven into this connection with self is a deep connection with the Divine. I thirst for this connection and want to devote more time and energy, more presence to this, the ultimate source of connection. Connection is more quiet these days. 

The holiday season is touted as a time to connect. All our tools and writings are designed to facilitate your connection with self and with others. When, where, how and why you connect will hopefully reflect who and what matter most to you. Helping you get clarity about who and what matter most is at the heart of what we do at Willow. 

So, in the coming weeks, whether you find yourself turning inward, outward or your particular balance of the two, I invite you to use Willow’s tools to facilitate any and all your acts of connecting.