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5 Ways to Elevate your Death Doula Practice with Educational Workshops

death literacy elders willow workshops Oct 09, 2023

You had a calling and you followed it. You discovered this thing called the “death doula” or “end-of-life doula.” You trained — maybe with several different teachers or institutions — and now you’re ready to work with individuals and their families who are dealing with a terminal illness or who just want to prepare themselves for the inevitable. 


Now what? 


How do you find your clients?

How do you get comfortable serving people facing their mortality?

What resources can you use to help people plan for end-of-life?


Empowering Your Practice


Leading Willow Workshops® is a powerful strategy to grow your end-of-life business, and build your confidence as an end-of-life guide and companion.


Here's how:


  1. Find new clients
    Leading engaging end-of-life planning workshops is a great way for many people to get to know you at once. When you’ve made a good impression you’ll likely be called upon for other death-doula services. Many of the licensed Willow EOL Educators® have found that leading Willow Workshops® — either for a fee or for free — is a great way to find new clients!


  1. Build your tool kit
    Willow Workshops® are full of exercises that can be used with individuals and families. The more familiar you get with the material the more easily you can cherry pick the exercises you want to use with your new clients. Some Willow EOL Educators® Join the Willow EOL Educator® Program specifically for this reason. Only licensed Willow EOL Educators® can use Willow’s material in their practices.

  2. Expand your business horizons
    As an end-of-life educator you can approach all sorts of organizations and agencies — such as care homes, hospices, community and spiritual centers, funeral homes, etc — to offer Willow Workshops to their staff, clients or community. This will give you access to audiences you would not be able to reach on your own.

  3. Improve your skills
    When you practice leading workshops, you’ll gain confidence delivering the material and responding to people’s questions and concerns. Each time you connect with folks is an opportunity to feel more like the expert you actually are. Leading workshops is a great way to gain confidence and bring out what’s already in you making you better prepared to support your clients. 

  4. Connect with peers
    Most people who get into death doula work are charting a new path and doing it on their own. Working as a solopreneur can be lonely. Connecting with like-minded others gives you an opportunity to build a network where you can share ideas, ask questions, and benefit from a community mindset. 


The Willow End-of-Life Educator Program


As a Willow EOL Educator® you can use Willow’s expanding end-of-life education and planning tools and products, including detailed scripts for more than 10 different virtual or in-person workshops, advance-care-planning and coaching tools.

The Willow End-of-Life Educator Program also provides you with marketing support, and professional and business development to build or augment your heart-centered practice.

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expert guidance, and a supportive community that can be instrumental in your journey as a death doula. Elevate your practice and make a more profound impact on the lives of those you serve.


Professional Growth  


Keep in mind, educational workshops are not just a means of professional development — they are a gateway to evolving your standards of excellence, compassion, and understanding.


By embracing this opportunity, you not only enhance your capabilities but also contribute to the betterment of end-of-life care for individuals and their families during their most vulnerable moments.