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Uvalde children victims

Harness Your Grief into Love

grief love May 30, 2022

There’s nothing more tragic than the senseless killing of children. It’s so deeply painful that I can’t take it in unless I’m ready to sob. I had been avoiding learning about the Robb Elementary School victims until I sat down to write this blog post. Then I looked at their beautiful faces, and what their family and friends said about them, and I sobbed. I cried for the children of Uvalde, the children in previous school shootings and the thousands of children who died while attending residential schools here in Canada.

What’s at the foundation of me crying so hard for people I never knew? I’m crying for the parents who couldn’t protect their children and who can no longer hug them. I’m crying for the other family members and friends who didn't get to say goodbye. 

I am crying for love. 

It’s my longing to love more and love better. It’s my yearning to be more present with my own daughter and listen more deeply to her. It’s my aspiration to filter out my own needs when she tells me what’s important to her. It’s my desire to hold onto her as long as I can. 

Harness your grief into love.

One positive thing that can come from a tragedy like the one that just happened in Texas, is change. I invite you to harness the grief you may be experiencing, and turn it into love. Consider what you can do to be more present and loving to the people who matter to you and even to strangers. 

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