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Death denial end of life education workshop

Are You Living in Death Denial?

Oct 12, 2022

Promoting workshops that deal with the reality of your mortality can be challenging. Even though people who attend Willow Workshops find them enriching and energizing, most humans will do everything in their power to avoid thinking about the fact that our lives are finite.

We want to bypass the fact that in the end—after all the relationships we’ve made, the joy and the suffering, the wisdom we’ve accumulated, and all the efforts we made to improve and take care of ourselves—we’ll be eaten by worms or burned.

Death denial refers to all that we do to dodge the feelings of living in fear of death. Some people take on productive and creative projects in the hopes that those projects will live on after they die. Some people numb themselves or escape in destructive, benign or even healthy ways. The worst case scenario is when people take on activities that are destructive to themselves or others.

Is it possible that you are engaged in death-denying strategies?

Can you name those strategies and see if they are serving you or not?

The task of Willow, and in the work I do creating materials and empowering others to use them, is to bring death out of the closet so that you can live your life with awareness, intention and purpose. My objective is that when you die, you die as well as possible, and without regrets.

At Willow Workshops™ people learn something about themselves that impacts them immediately or that they can apply to their life right away. Willow Workshops™ are also wonderful opportunities to connect deeply with others, whether inside a Zoom room or around a real table.

Give a Willow Workshop™ a try or please come back for more!


There’s one free, in-person workshop happening again this month in Vancouver, BC and a handful of other ones being held virtually by incredible licensed Willow EOL Educators™. 

Checkout the full event calendar here.

I hope you manage to attend at least one, and if you do, I would love to hear how the experience was for you! You can drop me an email anytime.