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Create the Change that Matters

making sense of life & death Oct 13, 2021

So much of our work is about helping people be aware—or conscious—of what really matters to them. Sometimes, what’s very important to people sits just below the surface, and sometimes it lies much deeper. But what’s clear is that a plethora of distractions prevent us from knowing what truly lights us up or from taking action on what makes us feel most alive.

Michelle and I have dedicated most of our lives to social change. Independently, and then together we realized that it’s the preciousness and precarious nature of life that is our biggest driver. Six years ago we came together to create Willow as an expression of our common passion to use end-of-life education and planning as a tool to enrich, inspire and connect. 

Death is the best tool for living fully.

Just in case it’s not already abundantly clear to you, the operative word here is “tool.” We design end-of-life education and planning resources and opportunities that help folks get their affairs in order. The magic, however, is in how the tools help people uncover the hidden treasures in their lives that light them up in the here and now and make them more present in their relationships and with the people they serve. 

For example, people who provide end-of-life care are more empathetic and present with those they serve, if they’re already explored the reality of their own mortality. 

The act of writing lasting messages to people you love changes your relationship with those people even if the letter never leaves your hands.

Writing instructions for how you want to be cared for after you die will help you be laid to rest as you wish and inspire you to live and love fully while you still can!

What can we count on?

In a world plagued by an environmental emergency, racial and social injustice and a global pandemic, distractions, information and opportunities abound. Many people point to change as the only thing we can count on. But one thing that is certain is that our lives are finite. Let’s harness this reality to create the change that matters.


With all my love,



What about you?

In what way has contemplating your precious and finite life inspired you?