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For goodness sake, I implore you!

Apr 06, 2022

There I was talking with an executive coach (for the first time) about Willow. After I explained what it was all about, and the difference that we’re making in the world, she asked me to say more about who exactly we’re trying to reach. 


Sometimes I refer to our target audience as the “consciously-minded” ones. By that I mean people who already have some personal awareness and who would embrace the idea of exploring the reality of their mortality.


“Do you want to only reach those “consciously-minded” people or do you want to reach everyone?” She probed.  And then when trying to explain who can benefit from Willow's heart-centered workshops, tools, and materials, out of nowhere I became overwhelmed with emotions. 


Wake up before your time’s up!


Through my tears I explained that the awakening that many people feel when they explore the truth about their life and death, comes just like those tears did. It’s a sudden awakening that hits you, and it hit me! I realized after the call that I had been living in survival mode and not in possibility. I had been living in fear and not in love!


It reminds me that I’m not here forever! This is not a dress rehearsal. I  have one shot to make this lifetime one that, when I look back on it at the end, I’ll smile and know you lived it well!


So for goodness sakes, <first name> if you have not yet registered for Willow’s FREE 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death Online Program, what are you waiting for?  


Let it be your meditation on life and death!


Let it propel you into action to start preparing for your inevitable death!


Let it be what moves you to start living and loving fully now!


Did I mention it’s free?


And don’t keep it to yourself! 


Please share this with your family and friends! Do it with them or just cheer each other on!


I implore you!


With so much love, joy, and vitality for life,



We all have a calling 

You have a calling. You've been touched by death. You know by now that life is finite and precious but you're not quite living your life to the fullest. Here's an opportunity to dive deep into your mortality with heart-centered, inquiry-based tools and workshops, first for yourself, and then to offer to others.

Give yourself and others the gift of end-of-life tools and planning that will enrich, energize and connect.
It's time to wake you up before your time's up.
Learn more about the Willow EOL Educator™ Program today, and truly explore your