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How to Make Peace With Death

making sense of life & death peace with death willow workshops Mar 15, 2023

If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest fear, concern, or regret?

Is it words left unsaid or a life goal not quite achieved yet? Are your concerns mostly related to caring for those you leave behind? For some it's about not being in pain, or dying too quickly or dying too slowly.

And when you think about your hopes and desires, do you want to die at home, or have certain people by your side? Many people say they want to feel complete with their relationships, feel ready and at peace.

Consider that some of your hopes and fears are out of your control and some are not. Willow Workshops® will help you understand and address these.  

Willow Workshops® are more than instructions about how to get your important affairs sorted. They're an invitation to reflect on what matters most so you can live with maximum fulfillment and live and die without regrets. Let Willow provide the clarity you need to live your best possible life and bring you closer to being at peace with death.

Watch this minute-long video to learn how one person's life changed by attending a Willow Workshop®. Then find a Willow Workshop® at a time that works for you.


Willow Workshops® are a space for personal and group exploration.

Instead of being lectured to, you'll actively engage with others through individual, pair, and group sharing exercises. When you consciously contemplate and connect with others around the reality of your mortality it will change how you die and how you live, right here, right now and for the rest of your life.

Willow Workshops® are facilitated by licensed Willow EOL Educators®.

Each educator has a unique background and range of experiences that led them to do this work. They all have access to the same heart-centered and inquiry-based material. They also set their own fees for their workshops and 100% of the fees you pay, go to them.

Willow EOL Educators® are passionate about this work, and they want to share their passion with you. I hope you have the opportunity to learn and grow with many of the Willow EOL Educators®.

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