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Something is Better than Nothing

stories and inspiration Apr 01, 2019

“Something is better than nothing” was the message one participant took away from a recent Legacy, Love Letters + Heart Wills workshop facilitated by Willow.

You undoubtedly know that death is inevitable and life is unpredictable. And I bet if your loved ones woke up tomorrow and you didn’t, they would cherish having a letter from you expressing your love, hopes and dreams for them. I bet your family and community would treasure a testimony written by you reflecting on your journey, values, life lessons, or anything else that’s important to you.

If you’ve thought about writing lasting messages to people you love and for future generations but haven’t, maybe it’s because you don’t know what to write or you haven’t taken time to think about your legacy. Or perhaps it’s because you want those messages to be perfect. But guess what? The people you leave behind won’t care whether they’re perfect or not. They’ll just be grateful you had the foresight to write a love-filled lasting message. Something is absolutely better than nothing.

Make it urgent.

It sometimes takes imagining (and believing) that the need to write something is urgent. And it is! You never know when you’re going to go.

Check out Willow’s free Five-Minute Love Letter exercise to get you into action. Something is better than nothing.

What about you?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what messages would you leave?

What’s stopping you from writing now?