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Gratitude Card Challenge

card grateful gratitude legacy letter love meaningful holidays Feb 16, 2023

How would your life change if you were to send out one gratitude card to a different person every week for the rest of the year? For my friend Lee-Anne Ragan, who wrote and sent a gratitude card to a different person each week of 2022, it made her a whole lot more grateful!


Inspired by Lee-Anne, I invite you to join me with the Gratitude Card challenge for the rest of the year. Here’s how Lee-Anne did, and a few tips:


Make a List

She made a list of 52 people she felt grateful to have (or have had) in her life. My two cents: These can be anyone from your closest friends and family, to people who did something kind that you haven’t forgotten about. It could be the person who delivered your child or grandchild, or even the person who introduced you to the person who introduced you to your spouse, client, best friend, etc!


Print the part that you’ll repeat each time. 

She made up little slips of paper with the project’s description to tuck into each envelope with the postcard. If you want to see what she wrote on those slips, take a look at What I learned from a whole year of sending gratitude card, Part 1


Take photos

She also took pictures of the cards before she sent them so she could look back on them at a later date. 


Be Creative

In Lee-Anne’s case she combined the project with her love of water color and hand-made the cards to send. You too can turn this into a creative project like that or you can use up the cards you already have in your home, or purchase some new ones. Wherever you do, please be grateful for the choice you make! ;)


What if you no longer remember their name or don’t have their address?

Lee-Ann reported that she found alternatives if she didn't remember names or addresses, and if she didn’t have someone's address, she didn’t let it stop her. You can read about how she addresses these issues and how the experiment unfolded in her second blog post, What I learned from a whole year of sending weekly gratitude cards, Part 2


At Willow we’re big on love and gratitude. 

If you’re at a loss for what to say in each card, take a look at the six prompts on Willow’s free 5-Minute Legacy, Love Letter tool. 


Most importantly, let me know if you are in! If you are, I may check in on you in a month or so to see how you’re doing. And if you like this idea, don’t keep it to yourself! Please pass it on!