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The Gift of Love Made Easy

legacy love letters and heart wills Dec 18, 2018

Gift giving is something many of us get up to during this time of year. The sights, the sounds—the scurry—tell us the holiday season is in full swing.  

In my fantasy world, gift giving makes my heart sing. I imagine spacious sunny days to wander in local shops and treasure hunt in my favourite thrift stores. I yearn to delight in finding gifts that whisper “I see you” to their recipient. In reality though, gift giving typically makes my heart race as I fret about the what, where and when of what is supposed to be a meaningful expression of my love and affection.

This year I’ll be doing things differently.

With the help of Willow’s Five-Minute Love Letter exercise, I’m going to write a letter to each member of my extended family. Instead of gifting them with something intended to convey their preciousness, I’m going to do my best to directly articulate my love and care in a handwritten note. I can actually feel my heartbeat slow as I imagine the simplicity of pen, paper and early morning coffee. I know in my heart that time spent contemplating who and what matter most to me will be a gift to myself as well.

We invite you to use this simple tool to turn your gift giving into a lasting message to someone you love. Love Letters make for beautiful offerings—for both the writer and recipient—at any time.  

May these coming days find you able to gift yourself and those around you with the love and light of the season.

What about you?

How has gift giving impacted your relationships with yourself and others?

How do you feel about letter writing in lieu of a conventional gift this year?