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Why Join the Willow EOL Educator™ Program?

making sense of life & death Nov 03, 2021

When we formed Willow in 2015, we knew we wanted to do more than be of service as 1:1 end-of-life-planning coaches or small-group facilitators. We knew that our calling was to empower other passionate educators to use the heart-centered and inquiry-based end-of-life education tools and products we created. 

The Willow EOL Educator™ Program is the culmination of five years of developing tools and workshop curriculum, providing services, and growing and marketing our practice, and we want to share it all with you!

Alone our reach is limited. Together we can transform more lives.

Like you, we want to inform, empower and inspire how people in all corners of our planet prepare for their inevitable death and how they live this one, precious, and finite life. If you identify as an educator or coach in the end-of-life realm, or want to become one, we invite you to join us. Together we’ll transform the often fragmented process of end-of-life planning into a rich opportunity for personal growth and community connection.

Be at the forefront of the end-of-life education and planning revolution.

The Willow EOL Educator™ Program gives you access to Willow’s expanding end-of-life education and planning tools and products, including detailed scripts for more than 10 virtual workshops, at least 8 advance-care-planning and coaching tools, as well as marketing support and professional and business development. You’ll receive training, information and support to thrive and prosper as an end-of-life educator.

The Willow EOL Educator™ Program enables you to:  

  • Be a participant in 10 virtual Willow Workshops and on-going business development support.
  • Deliver Willow Workshops™ with your voice and perspective.
  • Host Willow Workshops™ virtually and (soon) in person for your audience.
  • Use exercises and activities from Willow Workshops™ inside your practice / business.
  • Use Willow products and tools to help the people you serve.
  • List your profile and events on the Willow Website.
  • Get your events marketed by Willow through emails and social media.
  • Enjoy a 50% affiliate commission on all products, and a 21% commission when you successfully refer the Willow EOL Educator™ Program.
  • Enroll (at no extra cost) in the 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death online program and work through it at your own pace. 

Our Next Program Intake is May 6, 2022.

Attend the Free Willow EOL Educator Program Information Sessions running through April and May 2022 and learn more about when enrolment is open, what the costs involved are and how the certification works. 

Sign up to the waitlist  using the form at the bottom of the page and get notified with the timings and dates of the upcoming information sessions.

More heart-centered choices for all of us.

For each and every one of us who seeks opportunities to learn and unlearn, to grow and manifest our deepest desires for a life well-lived, the Willow EOL Educator™ Program will create more choices. We’ll offer more workshops in more time zones and more heart-centered EOL educators™, doulas, coaches, celebrants, health-care workers, funeral directors, bereavement counselors and anyone else who wants to help people wake up before their time’s up.

If this is not for you but you know someone who it is for, please do them a favour and forward this email to them.

We are so grateful to journey with you.

With all our love,

Reena + Michelle