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What’s it going to take to live your best life?

Mar 15, 2022

We have one finite and precious life and at the end of it, who doesn't want to look back without regrets and know that we’ve lived our life to the fullest? What’s it going to take to live your best life? For many people it takes death itself, either an impending death, or the death of a loved one. As the ultimate form of resolve, death can wake us up to how we’ve been playing small, or missing out on things that really matter. 


While most people live in fear or denial of death, it’s actually an opportunity in disguise!


When faced with death, there’s an urgency that compels us to rethink what matters and get into action. This may mean righting a relationship, having more fun and adventure, doing something more meaningful, or simply slowing down and finding rest and pleasure in your days. 


Willow’s tools and workshops were designed for you to leverage this thing called “mortality” in a way that will inspire, heal, and connect you with who and what matter most.  


If you don’t spend time making sense of life and death, you may also miss out on making sense of life and living. 


If you’ve downloaded Willow’s holistic End-of-Life Planning Checklist, then you’ll know that your  first task is to begin “making sense of life and death”. This foundational step sets you up not only for making end-of-life plans that reflect your true nature, but also for living the life you want to live. 


In Maria Verdicchio’s early days of the Willow EOL Educator™ Program she observed  “We were in our breakout rooms discussing what we felt was most important for ourselves to do as part of our end of life plan. I realized that in doing this work, we're actually learning to define and put into practice, how we want to live!”


Now Maria, a licensed Willow EOL Educator™, is leading a series of workshops designed to take you through the entire 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death: a workbook to explore the reality of your mortality. 


In the 8-part Willow Workshop™ Series, meeting once per week, each 1.25 hour workshops will cover:

  • Planning Priorities
  • Core Values
  • Hopes an fears
  • Learning from the Past
  • Who and What Matter Most
  • Health and Personal-Care Proirities
  • Final Wishes. 


Check out Willow’s events page for more information and to find more Willow Workshops™ facilitated by other Willow EOL Educators™. There is bound to be a workshop on a subject that interests you, and in a time that’s convenient for you. 


With love,



What about you?

In what way has death compelled you to change the way you're living?